Encounters: Lebbeus Woods

 With Aleksandra Wagner and Lebbeus Woods. New York, March 2, 2012

Spent 16 days in NYC. Old and new friends, old and new routes. Had a wonderful time. One of the surprises of the city this time was meeting Lebbeus Woods, my favorite architect. I was lucky to spend the evening at Aleksandra Wagner’s and Lebbeus Woods’ home in TriBeCa, taste the drinks Lebbeus fixed for us, and talk about his projects, among other things. I had a feeling it was a beginning of something bigger than just meeting my favorite architect in person and witnessing some privacy of his home (although even this alone meant a lot). I am thinking about that evening, as I am working towards my new big project on space and the [Lacanian] real – the non-metaphorical space. Of course, I am now spending hours with Woods’ work – drawings, models, and writing.

Sometimes, projects assemble themselves – somewhere in the future. And then – they drop on your head from the upper story of the building that you are just about to begin constructing. That’s how I feel right now.

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