From My Interview with Scott Snibbe

I am in the process of interviewing Scott Snibbe, an interactive media artist, researcher, and entrepreneur, for the book on apps. Here is the final part of our conversation:

Svitlana Matviyenko: …the imaginary apps… promise to transgress the screen towards a realm of new possibility, new action, new fantasy, or new connection by means of a touch – “all at the tips of your fingers.” I am very intrigued to ask you, whose company has already produced many imaginary apps – if you think of the most desirable, terrifying, necessary, or silly app that has not been and possibly will never be designed, what would it be?

Scott Snibbe: An app to induce single-pointed concentration.

GraviluxBubble Harp, and Tripolar, 2010. Apps for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch by Scott Snibbe based on interactive artwork for the screen from 1997-2002. (Source: Wikipedia)

(Wiki reference: “Snibbe has recently become more broadly known for creating some of the first interactive art apps for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). His first three apps—Gravilux,Bubble Harp, and Antograp—released in May, 2010 as ports of screen-based artwork from the 1990s Dynamic Systems Series, all rose into the top ten in the iTunes Store‘s Entertainment section, and have been downloaded over 400,000 times. Snibbe collaborated with Björk to produce Biophilia, the first full-length app album, which was released for iPad and iPhone in 2011.”)