Killing Frequency: Maidan, February 20, 2014

As Українська Правда reported, a new video of the snipers & special force units shooting the protesters on the morning of February 20, 2014 was published on YouTube by Пошукова Група on December 5. Among many other documentations of these most violent hours of the events in Ukraine, this video stands out due to its length (55 min 23 sec) and the point of view – it was recorded from a top floor room and a balcony of the Hotel Ukraina that overlooks Instytutska Street leading towards the governmental quarters of Kyiv. That street was the location of the sniper massacre and from this spot, the area where the protesters were one by one targeted by the snipers was open for the view and documentation.

Almost entirely uninterrupted footage gives a sense of frequency of gun shots and the appearance of new killed and wounded – one can hear the voice of a man filming the shooting and him counting deaths and wounds. I made the screenshots of the camera zooming in on people falling on the ground and being carried away by their comrades and medical help. Every screenshot shows one, two or more of new wounded or killed, which happens, as you can see, every 10 – 50 seconds. And this is what’s documented by only one camera, by one person, and from one point of view. A lot remains off-frame, a lot is too blurry or too-fast-happening to screenshot.

This video below was published right after shooting, on February 20. It’s rather short (2 min 43 sec) but shows the same events, closely. You can see same people. Once alive, then dead.

The new video published several days ago also shows the snipers with rifles (they have a yellow stripe on their arm) and the units of special forces with guns the moving from one barricade to another and two units of armored troop-carrier, protecting the snipers.

And here is the video of the unit of special forces and snipers filmed from their side of barricades in the governmental quarter.