Lost and Found: Craig Baldwin

Ten years ago, on one of my then often trips to San Fransisco, my friend Jorge Lorenzo Flores Garza and I decided to do a series of interviews with some great experimental filmmakers associated with American underground film. Most of them were teaching at San Francisco Art Institute, and Jorge was studying with them. These interviews were done for one good Ukrainian film magazine, Kino-Kolo, no longer published in print, for which I was still actively writing at that time.


Jorge did a great interview with Craig Baldwin, a fantastic experimental filmmaker, kind of a legend in San Fransisco’s experimental film scene. (Here is a good essay on him by Tim Maloney in Senses of Cinema that lists him in “Great Directors”). I translated the interview in Ukrainian and wrote an introduction to it, “The Territories of Free Access.” I thought it was lost. But Jorge found it! The interview is titled “Mona Lisa is everywhere!”



Among other things we did was an interview with George Kuchar, who passed away several years ago. I lost the hard copies of the magazine; and today, I only have an original text in electronic format (and it is in English!). Now that I am finally travelling to Ukraine soon — after almost 12 years, I hope to find a hard copy, which includes some rare photographs from George Kuchar’s personal archive, the scans of which neither Jorge nor I saved for some reason. I remember one of the images was a really funny photo with John Waters, another was a great portrait of Kuchar’s mother, who was Ukrainian. (She appears in the end of his 1966 film Hold Me While I am Naked).

PS I linked it above, but I just want to say that Jorge’s amazing film is worth checking out: On The Road by Jack Kerouac – he typed in the whole novel onto a strip of film. They say it’s “the most faithful adaptation of Kerouac to film,” and it’s probably true.