about me

536571_10150924824282589_1660393832_nI am an Assistant Professor of Critical Media Analysis in the School of Communication of Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. I research and teach political economy of information; social and mobile media; information and cyber-war.
I write about psychology of users’ interaction with web, the networking drive, user complicity and practices of resistance. I study the techniques and technologies of tracing — from the 19th century scientific (i.e. medical) and juridical practices to the current practices of surveillance across different fields and everyday experiences — to investigate how and why the connection between “trace” and “truth” has been established. My recent work also looks at the processes of construction, demise and persistence of the imperial infrastructures, including that of the Internet.
My publications include The Imaginary App (co-edited with Paul D. Miller, MIT Press, 2014) as well as articles in (Re)Turn: A Journal of Lacanian Studies, Harvard Journal of Ukrainian Studies, Fibreculture Journal, Digital Creativity and other venues.
SFU webpage: https://www.sfu.ca/communication/people/faculty/matviyenko.html
Email: smatviye[at]sfu.ca or svitlana[at]protonmail[dot]ch