The Yellow | Memory

– experimental dance performance –

Ukrainian Institute of America in New York City

(08.13 & 08.15 / 2009)


Svitlana Matviyenko – concept, dramaturgy, animation, video, photography

Inka Juslin – concept, choreography, dance

Susan Kozel – dance, knitting

The Yellow | Memory is a site specific dance performance addressing the collective nature of memory. Movements, gestures, images, melodies, words that we pass along to one another – how does memory recompose itself when they all meet again an the room of the Gothic mansion? Based on choreographic, visual and narrative memories of the last year performers and audience, this event is a collaboration of the dancers, a visual artist, and the viewers like you.

The performance was based on the memories of the viewers about the dance performance, The Yellow, we did with Inka Juslin in summer of 2008. A year after the event, I contacted the viewers, met with them, and recorded their memories. Then I collaged them and the dancers, Inka Juslin and Susan Kozel, improvised the responses to the sound track by dance.

About the project: 
“Embodying the Sonic Invisible” by Susan Kozel:

[from a presentation at the conference on Bodily Expression in Electronic Music in Graz, 2009]

The dancers (Juslin and I) repeated phrases from the sound recording, explicitly lifting words from several of the audience members. We integrated these into our improvisation. This was an excellent example of mobile speech and networks of orality, but mediated across body and electronics in an entirely different way from what LaBelle sketched. We dancers were listeners: listening to the words as they came out of our mouths and listening to our movement to see where it wanted to take us. We were sonorous beings, hearing our own vibrations from within and without at the same time (19).


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Our poster. Also, Susan, Inka and I after the evening performance.