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edited books

Lacan and the Posthuman: Towards Psychoanalytic Posthumanisms

A co-edited collection (with Judith Roof). From the proposal: “…psychoanalysis is not posthumanism per se, although it intersects with two primary conceptions of posthumanism: the animal and systems. Although the range of ideas currently denominated “posthuman” and Lacanian psychoanalysis share some fundamental notions about the alienated, non-human character of the human subject, they treat both notions and subjects in different ways. For both Lacanian psychoanalysis and posthumanist discourses, the human subject is not ‘natural,’ but constructed. Both psychoanalysis and posthumanism challenge such humanist binaries as human/animal and human/machine. One might also argue that Lacanian psychoanalysis deploys certain notions in common with second order systems theory as ways to understand the dynamic operation of subjects.”

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