working groups


Critical Algorithm Studies

 June 2018 – ongoing

(with graduate students and faculty of the School of Communication, SFU)

next meeting: Thursday, July 19, 2018

  1. (10 pp) Hooker, J.N. 1994. “Needed: An Empirical Science of Algorithms.” Operations Research 42(2): 201-212.
  2. (9 pp) Bullynck, Maarten. 2016. “Histories of algorithms: Past, present and future.” Historia Mathematica, 43(3), 332–341.
  3. (10 pp) Seaver, Nick. 2013. “Knowing Algorithms.” In Media in Transition 8. Cambridge, MA.
  4. (13 pp) Mahnke, Martina and Emma Uprichard. 2014 “Algorithming the Algorithm.” In Society of the Query Reader: Reflections on Web Search. René König and Miriam Rasch, eds. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures.
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past meetings:

Thursday, June 7, 2018

  1. Safiya Noble, Algorithms of Oppression: How Search Engines Reinforce Racism (NYU Press, 2018). Chapters 1-2.

future readings will include:

  • Siva Vaidhyanathan, Anti-Social Network: How Facebook Has Disconnected Citizens and Undermined Democracy (Oxford UP, 2018);
  • Taina Bucher, IF…THEN: Algorithmic Power and Politics (Oxford UP, 2018);
  • Tarleton Gillespie, Custodians of the Internet: Platforms, Content Moderation, and the Hidden Decisions That Shape Social Media (Yale UP, 2018);
  • Meredith Broussard, Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World (MIT Press, 2018).


Psychoanalysis, AI, and Cybernetics

February 2014 – May 2014

(with Atle Kjosen at University of Western Ontario)


Toronto Lacan Study Group

October 2011 – November 2013 | once in 3 weeks- with Ines de Anderson, Judith Hamilton, Reine-Marie Bergeron


  • Lacan, Jacques. Seminar XX: Encore. On Feminine Sexuality, The Limits of Love and Knowledge (1972-1973)

Lacan / Media / Capitalism 

Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 – Summer 2013 (bi-weekly) – with Allan Pero, Nick Dyer-Witheford, Atle Kjosen, Vince Manzerolle, and Bernd Frohmann

Primary reading:

Jacques Lacan, Seminar II, The Ego in Freud’s Theory and in the Technique of Psychoanalysis (1954-1955)


Fall 2012

Winter 2013

  • Luca Bosetti, “Three Questions on Prosthetic Technology and A-(d)iction,” Paragraph: The Journal of Modern Critical Theory Group 33 (2010)
  • Fredric Jameson, “Imaginary and Symbolic in Lacan: Marxism, Psychoanalytic Criticism and the Problem of the Subject”
  • Steffen Bohm, Aanka Batta, “Just doing it: enjoying commodity fetishism with Lacan,” Organization 17 (2010)
  • Veronique Voruz, “Psychoanalysis at the Time of the Posthuman: Insisting on the Outside-Sense,” Paragraph: The Journal of Modern Critical Theory Group 33 (2010)
  • Louis Armand, “Language and the Cybernetic Mind,” Theory, Culture & Society, Vol. 25.2 (2008): 127–152
  • Louis Armand, “Symptom in the Machine: Lacan, Joyce, Sollers”
  • Ellie Ragland, “Counting from 0 to 6: Lacan and the Imaginary Order” – A lecture delivered at the Center for 20th Century Studies

Summer 2013

Speculative Realism 

with Ben Woodard, Karen DM, Matthew Toth

Spring-Summer 2013

Gilles Chatelet – a selection  from Les Enjeux du mobile and from De Visione Stellarum

Fall 2012 (weekly)

A. Prehistory: The CCRU and Non-philosophy

  • Week 1 – “Cyber Positive” – Nick Land and Sadie Plant (5 pp)
  • Week 2 – “What can Non-Philosophy Do?” – Francois Laruelle (22 pp)
  • Week 3 – “Introduction,” – Bryant, Harman, Srnicek in The Speculative Turn (18 pp)

B. Speculative Realism: The Four Original Thinkers

  • Week 4 – “Potentiality and Virtuality,” by Quentin Meillassoux in The Speculative Turn (13 pp)
  • Week 5 – “The Revival of Metaphysics in Continental Philosophy” by Graham Harman” in Towards Speculative Realism (16 pp)
  • Week 6 – “Concepts and Objects” by Ray Brassier in The Speculative Turn (19 pp)
  • Week 7 – “Does Nature Stay What it Is?” by Iain Hamilton Grant in The Speculative Turn (18 pp)

C. Satellite Thinkers and The Future of Speculative Realism

  • Week 8 – “X, Welcome!” – Michael O’Rourke and Stanimir Panayotov in Identities v8 n2 (34 pp)
  • Week 9 – “Contingency and Complicity”- Reza Negarestani in The Medium of Contingency (8 pp); “Solar Inferno and the Earthbound Abyss (4 pp)
  • Week 10 – “Objects and Systems,” – Jane Bennett at The Nonhuman Turn Conference – (35 Minutes); “A Response to Graham Harman’s ‘Marginalia and Radical Thinking’,” – Alexander Galloway (5 pp)
  • Week 11 – “The Project of Non-Marxism,” – Katerina Kolozova (20 pp)